The Jets Odds by Momma Gouche

It looks as though losses by Washington, Florida and, perhaps Toronto, are the only hope for Winnipeg to garner a berth in the playoffs. Of course it will help if the Jets can win a few. It is difficult to predict, with the Jets having played a couple more games than their closest rivals. It would be easier if the teams would catch up on these games. However, the Jets return has pleased the Winnipeg fans … and … that’s all that matters.


Jets Flub A Must Win In Third Period by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets led the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 at the end of the second period. There are two scenarios here. The Devils put on the burners and out played the Jets and Andrej  Pavelec, or the Jets were “hoisted by their own pitard”. The Jets gave very little resistance to the Devils’ onslaught on Monday night and Pavelec did not give a stellar performance. Winnipeg needs Florida, Washington and Toronto to lose some games; and as Florida plays Toronto today … one of them will get 2 points. The countdown for making the playoffs is drawing near and the Jets are going to have to put on a little more jet power. 

Jets’ Three Spoilers by Momma Gouche

Florida, Washington and Toronto could be the spoilers that keep the Winnipeg Jets out of the play-offs. The Jets maybe posted as in the eighth spot, but these three have played a couple less games — which if they win — could unseat us from the running. Even a single point could make the difference. Gouche and I have been following it very closely and planing each game played. Never before have I allowed myself to get so engrossed  that I forget there are other things in life besides the Jets. The next few games will perhaps make the decisions and I will get back to just watching the Jets play the best they can in the play-off. ???  No one expects the new Winnipeg Jets to take the Cup, but the fact that they will prove they belong in the League … will be a plus.

Halak Puts Out Jets Fire by Momma Gouche

Jaroslav Halak faced 42 shots through overtime and only let 2 shots in. Even the brilliant play of Blake Wheeler, with two goals and Dustin Byfuglien, with 2 assists, was not enough to garner a win. Halak was just not letting anyone else by him. There were no goals in the third period or overtime. It took two rounds of a shoot out for the win to be decided. Wheeler got the first goal, but then the Blues’, Andy Mcdonald, hit the mark. There was no other sinkers for the Jets. The Blues’, David Perron, put one past Chris Mason and St Louis won 3-2. It was a tough loss for Winnipeg, who are struggling to hang on to that last overtime slot. The point gives them 68 points and they lead the South East Division, but there are three other teams breathing down their necks, who have played less games.

Jets … Jet-Lag In Third by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets lead 4-0 at the end of the second period in their game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night. Andrew Ladd contributed 2 goals and an assist. Dustin Byfuglien had a goal and an assist. Blake Wheeler had two assists. Everything went wrong in the third period, when the Jets took 5 penalties and gave up 2 power-play goals. However they came away with a 4-3 victory and take over first place in the South East Division. Unfortunately the Florida Panthers picked up a point in a shoot-out with the Minnesota Wild.(the Wild should have taken that game outright). The Toronto Maple leafs lost 2-1 to the San Jose Sharks. This fairly well went according to my plan, except for the point to Florida, that never should have happened. The Jets sit in a very good position at this time, but we are still looking for loses to teams that have played less games. 

Jets Minus Ten Seconds by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets came that close to taking over the lead in the Southeast Division on Tuesday night. Wayne Simonds tipped one in for the Philadelphia Flyers with ten seconds left in regulation time. Ondrej Pavelec had withstood 17 shots in the third period, but the 18th shot slipped by him and the game went into overtime. Jaromir Jagr snapped one in 4:16 into the play and the Flyers won 5-4. This leaves the Jets tied 65 points with Florida in their division. The race is getting very tight and to quote Robert Burns “The best made plans of mice and men gang oft agley”. Each day I have it planned who has to win against who I want to lose. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. However, my Jets still have as good a chance as a couple of other teams of finishing in the eighth spot.and making it to the play-offs. I hope my fingernails last.

Wheeler Wheeled For The Jets by Momma Gouche

Blake Wheeler (formerly known as the Golden Gopher in his home state of Minnesota captured a goal and 2 assists Friday night in the Winnipeg Jets’ game against the Boston Bruins. Wheeler was eveywhere he need to be when he was needed. Bryan Little got 2 goals in the third period to give the Jets a 4-2 victory  over the Bruins. It was a good game for Winnipeg, with Dustin Byfuglien adding his usual feisty performance. The star performers are doing their job, but we still have to look for some loses to other teams in order to obtain that important 8th spot. Coming from behind is a tough go, but when the going gets tough, the tough have to get going. Hopefully our eight home games will move us up the ranks.