Byfuglien Et Al Going To Winnipeg by Momma Gouche

After a 15 year drought Winnipeg will again have an NHL team. The response from Winnipegers has been overwhelming. They have the facility … they have the hype … and if they can gain the support of the corporate and well-heeled citizens, they should be able to lure the 13,000 season ticket holders required. I was born in Winnipeg and watched the Jets for many years. I have looked forward to this day and wish them every success. I will still be an ardent fan. I think that they should still be called the Jets and I hope the public has an input into the decision. Now if I could only get the Dodgers back to Brooklyn.


Canucks Brew’n To Best Bruins In Six by Momma Gouche

I picked the Canucks to take San Jose in five and I proved to be on board, but I think the Bad Boys from Boston might be a little more difficult to tame. but if Ryan Kesler is healthy and the Twins are … up to snatch … I could possibly earn some more kudos. It is not likely that we will see, so soon again, a no penalty game, and the Bruins have not been exactly been stellar in executing their power plays. If our big guns are at the ready and take advantage of their power plays, we should be able to tree our adversary. Now that I have exhausted all the … play on words … that I can think of, it’s time to talk about advantages. We have the first two games at home and if we can take those two, we only have to get two of the next four games … two of them at home. Maybe I am being optimistic, but it sounds feasible to me.

Ironic twist that Bruins’ Horton scores Game 7 winning goal


Tampa Bay Lightning fans and players  have to wonder what would have happened in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference Finals if Boston Bruins’ power forward was, indeed, suspended by the NHL. Tampa Bay wanted the NHL to look into suspending Horton for an ugly incident which occurred after Game 6, which Tampa won 5-4. Following the final buzzer fans at the St. Pete’s Forum began throwing things onto the ice and were even tossing some plastic hand clapper instruments towards the Boston players. Horton, who scored the only goal two days later for a Bruins 1-0 Game 7 victory,  lost his cool after Game 6 and apparently sprayed a certain fan and threw his water bottle at him, before exiting the ice. NHL deputy commissioner, Bill Daly, said that no penalty would be handed down and that Horton would not be suspended.  “There is no way to substantiate what may .. or may not … have happened,” Daly said. Horton ended up to have the final laugh with his goal, which eliminated the Lightning and propelled his Bruins to the Stanley Cup finals against the Vancouver Canucks.

Bolts’ Stamkos shows character in Game 7 loss to Bruins

After watching the Boston Bruins beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 1-0 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals there was one lasting image that was stuck in my mind. While this game had exciting end to end rushes and highlight saves I kept thinking about the incredible pain tolerance of Tampa’s former 2008 first overall choice, Steve Stamkos, who showed what NHL players will go through to win the Stanley Cup. Early in the second period Stamkos, who of course is known for scoring goals, fell down like he was shot when hit on the left side of his head by a hard slapshot from Bruins’ defenceman, Johnny Boychuk.  As the Lightning trainer came running onto the ice, a bloodied Stamkos … amazingly… had the will to get back on his feet and skated to the bench, while holding his face. Amazingly enough, Stamkos, who I assumed would be out for the game, returned about five minutes later wearing a full cage to protect, what looked like, a broken nose. Stamkos, who had six goals and 13 points this post season didn’t even miss a shift afterwards. More than likely Don Cherry was grinning ear to ear at this good old Canadian boy.

The Bad Boys From Boston by Momma Gouche

In the first half of the first period in the Tampa Bay Lightning/Boston Bruins final it appeared to me as though Tampa was afire, but by the end of the period the Bruins had bolted ahead by out shooting the Lightning 15-9. Both Dwayne Roloson and Tim Thomas had stood their ground and thwarted of several dangerous threats. It was unbelievable hockey and undoubtably the best first period in all the series. These teams had come to play … and play they did. Amazingly enough there were no penalties and very little rough play. Steven Stamkos had taken a slapshot to his nose and it appeared as though he would be out for the duration.( He bravely returned to the ice with a cage). Roloson came up with a fantastic save (one of many) two minutes into the second period and the score remained scoreless in the period. Both goalies performed with great professional agility and this was the most exciting hockey one would wish to see. Boston had again outshot Tampa Bay. Nathan Horton tipped one past Roloson at 12.27 of the third. Not the most exciting goal, but it certainly proved the point, as it was the only goal of the game. Thus ended the game and the series. There had been no penalties in the game, which has not happened in 21 years. The Boston Bruins will meet the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday in Vancouver and the winner of that series will claim The Stanley Cup. Now for a little history of Canadian trips to The Cup that I have remembered, and others that I have gleaned from other hockey virtuosos (knowledgable fans). In 1993 the Montreal Canadiens claimed the Cup playing the Los Angeles Kings. In 1994 Vancouver lost to the New York Rangers. In 2007 Ottawa lost to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.(now known only as the Anaheim Ducks). Boston has claimed the cup six times, but has not been in the final since 1972. Perhaps there are others I have failed to mention, but the point is … the Stanley Cup has not been this side of the border for 18 years.It’s time for us to prove that hockey is … The Canadian Game. Good Luck Vancouver !!!

Lightning Struck First by Momma Gouche

                                  Teddy Purcell scored 00:39 minutes into the Tampa Bay Lightning/Boston Bruins game on Wednesday night, to put the Lightning ahead 1-0. Dwayne Roloson was back in Tampa Bay’s net and did an excellent  job in holding off the Bruins, who were anxious  to finish the series. It was an action packed game and both teams appeared up to it. The ten penalties were shared equally, but unfortunately for the Bruins three of their’s lead to three power play goals; which might have been the difference. Milan Lucic scored at 7:09 and David Krejci netted another and the Bruins were ahead 2-1 at the end of the first. Martin St Louis got a power play goal at 7:55 of the second and Teddy Purcell another power play goal at 13:35. The tide had turned again and Tampa Bay were up 3-2 going into the third. Steve Stamkos added another power play goal 34 seconds into the third and the Lightning had a 2 goal edge. Boston’s David Krejci got his second power play goal at 9:46 and Martin St Louis got his second goal at 10:15. David Krejci scored his third goal at 13:26, and the scoring ended there.Tampa Bay went on to win the game and thus set the stage for game seven. David Krejci had got a hat trick, Teddy Purcell had two goals, Steven Stamkos had three points and Tomas Kaberle and Vincent Lacavalier each had two.There were lots of stars in the game, but perhaps the worst disappointment was David Krejci getting three goals in a losing game. However there is one more game to decide who will challenge the Vancouver Canucks for the right to lift the Stanley Cup.

Sharks’ Thornton played with separated shoulder


San Jose Sharks captain, Joe Thornton, showed just how much he wants to win when on Tuesday during Game 4  he sucked up the severe pain and played at full tilt with a separated shoulder. After being eliminated in the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday by the Vancouver Canucks Thornton wasn’t about to use the shoulder as an excuse. “It was sore, but no excuses,” Thornton, whose team lost 3-2 in double overtime said. “Tough series. We lost and they go on. To get here is an accomplishment, but next year we’ve got to beat it.” Thornton, who is the Sharks’  best player, was hurt in a Sunday loss, when Canucks energy forward, Raffi Torres, hit an unsuspecting Thornton… shoulder to shoulder… with a clean hit. ” Our training staff and doctors did a tremendous job in preparing him to play,” said Sharks’ coach. Todd McLellan. ” Like I had mentioned to you before, when he comes and tells you he’s playing … he’s playing.” Also battling a shoulder injury throughout this year’s post season was another veteran forward, Ryane Clowe.