Phillies Slay The Devils in Overtime by Momma Gouche

Danny Briere gets his second goal Sunday, in overtime, to give the Philadelphia Flyers a one goal win and a one game lead in the second round of the Stanley Cup count down.The bench thought Briere had scored earlier in overtime, but it was shown it went in off his skate.The Flyers were rusty in the beginning of the game and showing the effects of a seven day layover. They didn’t get a shot on goal ’til 9:59 of the first period. The team had a lot of praise for Briere, who seamed to take it all in stride. A dream come true! Now the Gouche has called 4 out of 5 and I am at a lowly 2 for 5.


Coyotes Prey on the Preds……by Momma Gouche

The Phoenix Coyotes didn’t wait until overtime to claim their second win in their second round series with the Nashville Predators. The combined determination of nine player gave them a 5-3 victory in regulation time.The Coyotes lead 4-2 at the end of the second period, but at :53 seconds of the third Ryan Suter put the Predators within one on a power play. Shane Doan answered that goal at 3:36 and the game ended with the Phoenix Coyotes up two goals and a two game edge in the series.

Am I Blue? by Momma Gouche

Sports journalist, R.B Fallstrom, headlined “Kings’ Greene puts Blues in Red“. Well I’m going to alter that for me: Greene puts the Kings in the red and me in the blews. Two of my picks for the second round, Washington and St Louis, have blown their first game 3-1.  So I’m 1 for 3. Hopefully today the New Jersey Devils and the Phoenix Coyotes will improve my status as a forecaster. Gouches record is 2 for 3. His picks for today are Philadelphia and Phoenix, so either I even him up or fall behind by 2.

The “Phoenix” Is Alive by Momma Gouche

“A phoenix is a mythical bird that flies far ahead to the front and brings good fortune”. Whether good fortune, or not, the Phoenix Coyotes flew quickly out in front of my Chicago Black Hawks 3-1. The round ended 4-2 for the Coyotes. Five of these games were settled in overtime. Phoenix won the last game 4-0. It seems as though overtime is the Coyotes’ forte; as they won their first game, in the second round, against the Nashville Predators 4-3 … in overtime. Gouche and I both pick Phoenix in the second round, as they are originally from our home town of Winnipeg. We disagree on the Washington/New York series, as I pick the Capitals. On the St Louis/Los Angeles we agree on the Blues, but we again disagree on the New Jersey/Philadelphia series, as I pick the Devils. I see that he is one up on me this afternoon, as the Rangers won over the Capitals 3-1.

“Devils Have Their Day” by Momma Gouche

 Even though some soothsayers tried to change this adage to the “Panthers”, the New Jersey Devils came back. The Devils were leading 2-0 after two periods, but after taking 2, seemingly frustrated, penaties in the third, the Florida Panthers scored 2 and tied the score.Through a well fought overtime period the score was still even. Until …Adam Henrique let loose a 30 foot wrist shot, at 3:47 of the second overtime, to become the hero of the series and advance the New Jersey Devils to the second round. It took the Devils 5 years to reach these heights. Now to round 2 with the Philadelphia Flyers.   Final score for the Gouches 2 out of 8. Time to put our heads together.

Washington Caps The Round by Momma Gouche

Dale Hunter made a gutsy move in putting the fourth line out for the start of overtime on Wednesday night. So Joel Ward and  Mike Knuble showed their gratitude by combining for the winning goal, against last year’s Stanley Cup winners, the Boston Bruins. In advancing to the second  round the Caps gave the Gouches their first winning pick of the series. After seeing the demise of the Vancouver Canucks and the Bruins it proves … “You can’t put all your bucks on the leading horses”. Now … if the Ottawa Senators and the New Jersey Devils can come up with wins tonight, we might save face by at least having three winners in the rings.


Gouches – 0 Others – 5… Momma Gouche

Kerry & Shirley Goulet haven’t got a winner yet in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But the Washington Capitals, Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils are still alive … all three in a 3-3 tie. The Capitals plays Wednesday, and  the Senators and Devils play Thursday. The New Jersey Devils won 3-2 in overtime on Tuesday, to force a seventh game.The Devils, as well as the Capitals and Ottawa will have one more shot at making the second round. The first shock was the Vancouver Canucks losing 4 games to 1 to the Los Angeles Kings. If the Senators win out over the New York Rangers there will be dances in the streets of Ottawa, and possibly all over Canada.