Whatever position we are in, we can come back.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ motto  says so in their dressing room. Now I am waiting for them to prove it. The Hawks were on top for quite some time, but have slipped into 6th position. I laughed at people who told me the St Louis Blues will take the Stanley Cup – – well they are – in first spot,  But there is time yet, and things can change in a few games. I am  a person that does not put much stalk in home game advantage, so I will not base any predictions on home game stats. It appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens will make the playoffs, but that probably is it for Canadian teams. My Hawks are not playing up to standard right now, but I am still confident that they will be a big contender. Perhaps they will all read their MOTTO and play it from there.