Pandora’s Box by Momma Gouche

While the Los Angeles Kings’ trail to The Stanley Cup will go down in hockey history as, perhaps, one of the most amazing fetes of NHL history; Steve Bernier’s 5 minute penalty in the first period on Monday night will haunt him for a lifetime. It was a hotheaded display of lack of discipline! The Kings scored three power play goals in the space of 4 minutes; which virtually ended the Devils’ chances of staying in the fray. Adam Henrique scored for the New Jersey Devils late in the second period, but with a 4-1 deficit going into the third … the hype of the Kings with The Cup in sight … the rest of the game was a no burner. Los Angeles got 2 more goals in the third and routed the Devils 6-1. Thus claiming The Stanley Cup and all the fanfare that goes with the victory. Some hockey fans claim that … but for the senseless penalty in the first … (and I somewhat agree) history could have shown a different scenario. The Devils had come back from a 3-0 deficit, to come within one of forcing a seventh game finale. But 70 years have past since the Toronto Maple Leafs accomplished this fete and it hasn’t been: “written in the stars” again so far. Both Martin Brodeur and Jonathon Quick played outstanding through the series, but Quick was chosen the most valuable player. Quick has many years ahead of him, but will the 40 year old Brodeur remain for another “crack at The Cup”? He has 3 … all in his 21 years with the New Jersey Devils.


Brodeur The “King”pin…by Momma Gouche

Martin Brodeur was the catalyst that pinned down a 2-1 win for the New Jersey Devils on Saturday night, and keep the Los Angeles Kings at bay for at least another day. Martin is confident that his team can rally and overcome their 3-0 deficit; which hasn’t been accomplished since the Toronto Maple Leafs did … just that … in 1942, against the Detroit Red Wings. The loss for LA broke an 11 game road trip win. The Kings played well … but Brodeur played better.

The Devils Have Their Day by Momma Gouche

There wasn’t much to choose from the play of the Los Angeles Kings and the new Jersey Devils in the first two periods Wednesday night. The Kings had a slight edge late in the second period, but the score was 0-0 at the end of the period. Both Jonathon Quick and Martin Brodeur were stalwart in goal. In my opinion the best goaltending of the series. It looked like perhaps  … overtime … or a “chink in the armor”. It proved to be the latter, as a long pass from Bryce Salvador to Patrick Elias caught Quick off guard, … and Elias put a backhand into the net. Drew Doughty retaliated one minute later, but the tone of the game changed at this point. The Devils got hungry and were fighting for their life. Adam Henrique put a wrist shot past Quick at 15:29 and the Devils, a least, survive for another day at home. Most of the Kings are confident they will bring The Cup home. Only three times has a team come back from 3-0 in a series and only once in a final series; when the Toronto Maple Leafs accomplished this in 1942.

From Knaves To Kings? by Momma Gouche

For a team that was behind the eight ball at the beginning of the playoffs (barely sqeaking into eighth spot) The Los Angeles Kings have proven that they were “last … but not least”. Monday night’s game against the New Jersey Devils looked like it was “all in the days work” in their 4-0 win over the Devils. Unless they let down their guard on Wednesday night … I believe the Kings will be crowned. The home town fans will bring down the roof. Truly … “a story book tale”. If the Kings let me down … speak to my Genie.

The Yellow Brick Road? by Momma Gouche

It seems as though the Los Angeles Kings are paving a Quick trip to Wonderland … The Stanley Cup. With wins of ten road trips in a row and with a 61 year lapse since two openers were decided in overtime; it is a scenario that only the LA fans could have dreamt of… and only in wishful thinking! The experience in goal tending has not been a factor, as both goalies stood up to 32 plus shots. The New Jersey Devils played a credible game, but failed to capitalize on 4 powerpays; on  which Jonathon Quick was steadfast. Many hockey fans will say the series is over; as the Kings head home for games 3&4. But … although the New Jersey Devils are on tenterhooks; they are not going to give in that easy. ” There’s many a slip twixt the Cup and the lip”. Whatever the outcome … this whole Stanley Cup series, and the gutsy play of the Los Angeles Kings, will long be remembered. You have to believe in yourself and the Kings are doing … just that. They are “dreaming the dream” and backing it up with some very solid play.