Canada And The Stanley Cup by Momma Gouche

” The time has come the walrus said, ….. ”  I am not an aficionado when it comes to strategy in the hockey world, but I was appalled that the  Vancouver Canucks left Roberto Luongo in the net in the Stanley Cup Playoff games in 2011, when he was obviously spooked by the TD Arena. I have never been spooked and do not believe in any such phenomenon. The Canucks had had a great season and it looked as though they were a shoein for the ultimate victory. I have  competed in many sports in my youth (albeit at a far lesser level) and the name of the game was win … regardless of venue. All one received was a red ribbon for their efforts. In the event that the Canucks reach this enviable heights this season, I hope that the strategists will opt for the good of the team, and not on past performances of any single player.   Well! … after venting my frustrated opinion. Now let’s look at the possible Canadian content for the playoffs. With Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg already eliminated and Ottawa on tenter hooks, it appears as though the Vanouver Canucks … again … will be our only hope. It could be 45 years in the making. Thus says the Guru?


Jets On Runway by Momma Gouche

I don’ think either the Winnipeg fans or myself expectd the Jets to break into the Nhl and run away with flying colors. We were excited to see professional hockey back in our home town. They gave it a good run and they have some very talented players. The last two weeks have been … back and forth … as far as their playoff chances, and now the odds are just too great. It has been an entertaining year and we can look forward to next year with hopeful expectations.

My Prediction For The Stanley Cup by Momma Gouche

I admit that at the beginning of the season I predicted that the Washington Capitals were due for the Cup, but however well they have done of late, they are still only on the border of making the playoffs. Anything can happen in playoffs. However, with the excellent organized play of the Pittsburg Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin, Chris Kunitz and James Neal, the Penguins are doing very well. Malkin seems to always be where he is needed. Sidney Crosby has done extremely well for his short time back in the lineup. Coach, Dan Bylsma, has left the lineup the way it was after Crosby was injured. Sidney is making out very well and getting a lot of points. “If it aint bust, don’t fix it”. The team appears to be in sync and seems to be getting stronger at every outing. Added to all this is the stellar play by Marc-Andre Fleury. Many think he is the true MVP this season as he has won many games when the offensive sputtered. So my bid is with the Pittsburg Penguins.

Jets In Turbulence by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets are now 6 points behind the Washington Capitals and the Buffalo Sabres, with only seven more games to play. The Caps have one more win than the Sabres. The Jets play tonight, the 26th, and it is an absolute “must win”. Washington and Buffalo play tomorrow night and one of them will be seated rather well in the 8th spot. It doesn’t really matter what the other 27 teams do. It only matters how many more games Winnipeg win and how many Washington and Buffalo lose. The chances of the Jets making the playoffs are probably “nil to nothing”. 

Jets May Be Buffaloed by Momma Gouche

     With the lose to the Nashville Predators and the Buffalo Sabres’ win over the Minnesota Wild, on Saturday night, the Buffalos (Manitoba’s Emblem) could be the team that decides the Jets’ fate. The Sabres have taken over the 8th spot and 6 points up on Winnipeg. The Jets play the Ottawa Senators on the 26th and the Sabres take on the Caps on the 27th. If Buffalo wins that game it could be all but over as to who will make the playoffs. The Jets come back on Washington’s 3-0 lead on Friday night was “a joy to behold” for the Winnipeg fans, but it appears as though the Sabres may be a greater threat.

Jets Could be Wash-ed Out Tonight by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets are 5 points behind the Washington Capitals and 4 points behind the Buffalo Sabres. They have a game in hand with both these teams. BUT, Tonight, (March 23rd) could end all hope of making the playoffs, if the Jets fail to win over the Caps. This will be the last game they will play one another this regular season and only one of them will play for the Stanley Cup. Winnipegers have enjoyed the season and … win or lose … the fans will at least have had a winter of professioal hockey. Good Luck Jets!

The Jet’s Scene – Up In The Air by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets can no longer hope for other teams loses to improve their status. The Buffalo Sabres’ 3-0 win over the Montrreal Canadiens and the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 win over the Florida Panthers on Wednesday night, puts another monkey on the Jets’ back. The Caps are playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Philly tonight and the Jets are playing the Capitals in Washington. These two games could very well determine Winnipeg’s fate.