Jets Win In Shoot-Out…by Momma Gouche

Fortunately for the Winnipeg Jets Evander Kane got the extra goal in the shoot-out (his first shoot-out goal of his career) against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday night. Chris Mason did a great job of keeping the Jets in the game the last ten minutes of regulation; especially when he had not played the last few games. Things are looking pretty tight in the race for a play-off spot for the Jets. It looks as though our only bets are Washington and,unfortunately,Toronto losing a few and the jets winning “quite a few” on home ice. It is strange that I had picked the Washington Capitals to take the Stanley Cup, and now I am hoping for them to lose a few more games in order that the Jets will at least get in the play-offs. I never had any allusions that the new Winnipeg Jets would be any contender for the cup, but only to prove they belong in the league. The Vancouver Canucks are certainly having another good season, so perhaps we may see them standing on the podium; which should have happened last season. The Jets meet the Boston Bruins tonight and that will be a tough one to win.


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