The Pittsburgh Penguins virtually owned the ice for the first  two periods of their game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday night.  Evgeni Malkin  got his first goal of the series @ 10:21 of the 1st period.  Brandon Sutter tallied 34 seconds into the second and Malkin added 2 more … for his hat trick. The Pens were ahead 4-0  at the end of 2nd period. Although Sidney Crosby has yet to score in the series he did get an assist on Evgeni’s second goal. It is not to say that Sidney does not do his part, as he partners very well with Malkin and appears to leave the scoring to him. It seemed as though Pittsburgh had the game sewn up by the end of the 2nd, but the Blue Jackets stormed back and Fedor Tyutin scored a short handed  @1021 of the third. Artem  Anisimov scored on a power play  and Nick Foligno put the Blues within one. It was all the Jackets in the third and … who knows … if only the clock beat them. The Columbus fans were gracious in that they gave their team a standing ovation for their effort. Just when you think you’ve seen the most nail-biting ending to a game … another cliff hanger appears!    Well … all four of my teams have made it to the second round. Perhaps I am some sort of a Guru!



The Anaheim Ducks looked like they were dead in the water until they came to life, with less than three minutes left in the game against the Dallas Stars on Sunday night. They scored two goals to tie the game 4-4. Nick Bonino lead the surge in the third with a goal and got the winner in overtime. The game was fraught with penalties … 8 to Anaheim and 6 to Dallas. This game and the game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St Louis Blues could possibly wind up with the most exciting finishes of the round. Now three of my teams have moved on and I will have to wait to see if the Pittsburgh Penguins will give me my fourth win. 


The St Louis Blues were going to win the Stanley Cup! However they didn’t get by the first round. My Chicago Blackhawks ousted them 4-2. The first period end 1-1 and there was no scoring in the second. The Hawks put out a very bad showing in the second period and had only 11 shots on goal at this point. Then in the third Jonathan Toews scored on a power play 44 seconds into the period. Patrick Shaw tallied @ 2.01, Andrew Shaw added another @ 7:30,and Duncan Keith finished the scoring @ 17;05. The Hawks took 5 penalties in the game, but managed to kill them all off. The fans and I were ecstatic at their fantastic rally, that lead to a 4-1 win. I was downcast in the second, as I thought they were going to blow it, and couldn’t face a seventh in St Louis. I’m not predicting that they will take the Cup again, but if they play the organized hockey … they can play … they have as good a chance as any team. And who would have put money on the Montreal Canadiens taking 4 straight.   Now on to the Anaheim Ducks game tonight. Can I be so fortunate as to a third favorite team of mine making it to the second round. Wouldn’t  that be Ducky!            


Although the Columbus Blue Jackets scored the first goal in Saturday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but (that’s all she wrote) as the Penguins answered with 3 goals (including an empty net). It took the Penguins 50 shots to garner the 3-1 victory, and take them to a 3-2 lead in the round. It was a fast game with lots of action. The Blue Jackets rallied late in the third, but the empty net goal clinched the win for Pittsburgh. Sidney Crosby has not contributed any goals in this series, but he did get an assist on the first Penguin goal. Hopefully Pittsburgh can take the round on Tuesday night.            Sunday afternoon could end the round between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St Louis Blues if the Hawks continue to play as organized as they have of late.   


It was “one for me one for you” in Friday night’s game between the Anaheim Ducks and the Dallas Stars for the first two periods. Then the Ducks swan threw the third period and came “away” with a 6-2 victory. They go home with a 3-2 lead in the round. I missed the game on television as it was too late for this aging body. Two of my teams have come threw for me and now I await the outcome of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Penguins waddle briskly home with a 3-2 lead in the round. Good Luck Pittsburgh!

AWAY ICE BED….. by Momma Gouche

I snoozed … but didn’t lose. The Chicago Blackhawks played some pretty solid hockey the first two periods in Friday night’s game against the St Louis Blues, and the score could have been higher, except for the stalwart play of the Blues goalie, Ryan Miller. The Hawks faltered in the third and Alex Pietrangelo tied the score at 1:42. Unfortunately the late night overtime got the better of me, and I took a nap. I awoke at 5am to learn that Jonathan Toews had saved the day for my Hawks and Chicago is up 3-2 going home. Toews deserved the win as he and Marian Hossa both played heads up hockey. Go Hawks – Go!


The Anaheim Ducks started out with a 2-0 lead on Wednesday night and then the Dallas Stars took over. Final score: 4-2 for the Stars. The Pittsburgh Penguins  started with a 3-0 lead and ended with a 4-3 loss in overtime. The good news is that my Chicago Blackhawks started with a 3-0 lead … gave up 2 power play goals to the Colorado Blue Jacket… plus 1 more, with 24 seconds left in the game … and we are in overtime again. The Hawks are plagued by SECONDS. However, this time Chicago won the toss when Patrick Kane scored midway in the period. This game started at 9:30 and Momma Gouche did not snooze. She stayed awake to relish the victory. The three teams are now tied 2-2 in the round. The saga continues on Friday night. HANG IN THERE HAWKS!