HABS LOSE THE RANGE.. by Momma Gouche

After the Montreal Canadiens’  stellar performances in the final two games of the previous round, it is difficult to visualize that this is the same team that most Canadian fans had … no doubt … that the third series would go no further than six against the New York Rangers. I personally have lost my Guru status. The first game was an absolute debacle,  which most of us thought was lack of being prepared for the feisty Rangers. Next game will be a new ballgame!  Max Pacioretty scored an unspectacular goal  @ 6:14 of the first period, but Ryan McDonagh  answered for the Rangers 17 seconds later. Pacioretty  and P.K Subban  tried to put some spark into the game, but the team was just not focused. The Canadiens had come this far, but they looked out of steam. The next game goes to New York and you can bet the Rangers will be fired up for themselves and their fans. Hate to say it, but if Montreal has nothing better to show, I’m afraid the series is all but over. It is unfortunate that goalie, Carey Price  was not able to play, due to a knee injury, but Dustin Tokarski, who was playing his first game in a play off series, started out well, but he did not get a lot of support from the rest of the team. Although Tokarski  comes with a few good accolades, I am questioning the management facing him with this game for his opening introduction ; when there must be another goalie in their roster with a little more experience at this level.


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