The St Louis Blues were going to win the Stanley Cup! However they didn’t get by the first round. My Chicago Blackhawks ousted them 4-2. The first period end 1-1 and there was no scoring in the second. The Hawks put out a very bad showing in the second period and had only 11 shots on goal at this point. Then in the third Jonathan Toews scored on a power play 44 seconds into the period. Patrick Shaw tallied @ 2.01, Andrew Shaw added another @ 7:30,and Duncan Keith finished the scoring @ 17;05. The Hawks took 5 penalties in the game, but managed to kill them all off. The fans and I were ecstatic at their fantastic rally, that lead to a 4-1 win. I was downcast in the second, as I thought they were going to blow it, and couldn’t face a seventh in St Louis. I’m not predicting that they will take the Cup again, but if they play the organized hockey … they can play … they have as good a chance as any team. And who would have put money on the Montreal Canadiens taking 4 straight.   Now on to the Anaheim Ducks game tonight. Can I be so fortunate as to a third favorite team of mine making it to the second round. Wouldn’t  that be Ducky!            


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