My Blackhawks and the Blues by Momma Gouche

I am still smarting from the way the Chicago Blackhawks dropped from first place in the league and finally wound up in 7th this year. I laughed when people told me that the St. Louis Blues were favoured to take the Cup. Well its a long way yet to the final lifting. How ironic that after the first round of the playoffs one of them will be gone. I had no vision of Colorado, Boston, Pittsburgh, San Jose or St. Louis beating them out. Anaheim I could maybe concede, Well …  hopefully … the Hawks will remember their saying “WE CAN COME BACK!” The puck is dropped at 8 pm on Thursday night in St. Louis and I will be ready. I can only hope that the Hawks return to… what they used to was,  I can’t say that I know they will win, as that is only wishful  thinking. It will be a nail biter for me, (if I had any sizeable nails) WE CAN COME BACK is also wishful thinking unless you … put your money where your mouth is. This first game is all important and hopefully Corey Crawford and his mates are up to the challenge. If the Hawks don’t make it past the first round my only interest would be Montreal or Pittsburgh. Hopefully one of them will make it, if not all three. 


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