A Sad Ending To Double OT by Momma Gouche

Even though the Boston Bruins scored minutes into the first, and dominated the period, they only came out with a 1-0 lead on Wednesday, in their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Chris Kunitz scored for the Pens in the second. With 14 penalties served equally between the teams, there were not only no power play goal, but no scoring at all through the third period  and the first OT. The Penguins played extremely well in the second OT and Sidney Crosby looked like he had just stepped frshhly onto the ice,(even thought the team had played 80 minute of grueling hockey)  From the way that Pittsburgh played I was sure they would pull it off. But with assists from Brad Marchand and Jaromir Jagr,  Patrice Bergeron merely tipped the winning goal in. I must admit that I was stunned and the dejected looks on the faces of the Penguins was heart wrenching. With a 3-0 deficit facing them on Friday night, on Boston ice, it will be a miracle if they survive. But the Blackhawks pulled it off!. My miracle is with Pittsburgh,no matter how bleak it may appear 


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