A Strange Night Of Hockey by Momma Gouche

The Toronto Maple Leafs started out, on Wednesday night, to prove to the Boston Bruins that the were not going to give in too easily. They got two goals in the first period and looked like they were out to win. However, the second period was all the Bruins as they answered with three and went ahead 3-2 Clarke MacArthur tied it up late in the period and there was no scoring in the third. David Krejci got his second goal of the game in overtime …. and thus the win. Zdeno Chara had three assists in the game, including one on the winning goal.. The Leafs played like they could have won this game, but couldn’t get by a steady Tuukka Rask. For a team that looked so confident in the first period the Leafs have only one more shot to stay in the round. The biggest surprise for me was how the New York Islander tied the round agains the Washingto Capitals. I had this round a no brainer for the Caps and that it would be over by now. When the Islanders went ahead 2-0 in the first, I was surprised, but the Caps tied the score in the second and I figured they were going to take over. But New York got a power play goal plus, another. and the score was tied 3-3. Mathew Perreault got the winning goal for the Islander at 7:31 of the third. Cael Hagelin got a goal and an assist, while Derrick Perreault was the hero of the game. He had 2 goals … one of them being the winner. The Islanders’ goalie, Herman Lindqvst, stood up well under the pressure in the third period and can perhaps have been the prime factor in their win. Interesting series!


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