Toronto Fghts Back by Momma Gouche

Not many people would expect the Toronto Maple Leafs to rally, as they did, on Saturday night against the tough Boston Bruins Joffrey Lupul got 2 goals in the first period . It was a combined effort of twelve players that lead to the Leafs’ 4-2 victory over the Bruins. Boston took 5 of 7 penalties. It appears as though Toronto is not going to give in easy to the favored Bruins. The Washingto Capitals squeaked through another victory against the New York Rangers, with Alex Ovechkin only getting a point in overtime. At this time there does not appear as though there will be any great sweeps. Sunday.Vancouver will have to pull up their socks, as they are behind the San Jose sharks 2-0. The Chicago Black Hawks hopefully will do me proud and increase their 2-0 lead over the Minnesota Wild.The Montreal Canadiens are tied with the Ottawa Senators and that is a tough one for me to call. The Pittsburgh Penquins/New York Islanders tie is a surprise to me, as I thought that would be a no contest for the Pens. Catch up later to see what else I miscue on, but I think I will lay off any predictions today.


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