Jets Lagging by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets finished up the 1st period Monday night leading the New York Rangers 2-1, but it seems of late they don’t have any staying power. The Rangers took 5 of 6 penalties, but the Jets were not able to capitalize on any of the power play opportunities. Again their position seems to rely on another team keeping the Carolina Hurricanes at bay. The Montreal Canadians beat the Hurricanes 4-1. The Washington Capitals and the Hurricanes are knocking at their door, and both have games in hand. The only way that the Jets can make the playoffs now … it seems … is to depend on other teams to take care of Carolina and now the Capitals. The Toronto Maple Leafs appear as though they may … at last … have a look at the Cup, and my Chicago Black Hawks are at the top of the heap. So now it appears my only frustration hangs on my hometown Jets. My money … of course is on the Hawks for the cup, but the Pittsburgh Penguins are trying to power up their team to have a good run in the final. It is doubtful if Sidney Crosby will suit up for the final games of the regular season, which is a shame, as he has a lot to give his team’s success. Tonight the Jets have to beat the Islanders and it is important .. again .. that we depend on other teams to help our cause. 


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