Leafs End Jinx by Momma Gouche

It has been 2 years minus 8 days since the Toronto Maple Leafs have beaten the Boston Bruins. How do I know? I consorted with my Guru friends. Possibly the injured Bruins would change the trend. Nazem Kadri caught the net at 4:58 of the first and the Leafs were on their way. The period ended 1-0 for the Leafs. 3 minutes into the 2nd and 1 minute plus in the third, on eleven shots. The Bruins scored twice, but were not able to prolong  their grip on these feisty Toronto players. Boston had  out shot the Leafs 32-13. I quote whoever captioned “Turning Over A New Leaf” This win keeps Toronto well within the pack. I did not hear the commentators mention the end of the drought of Toronto against Boston. Before I questioned my Guru friends on the veracity, I had a word with The Gouche. He nonchalantly said “Yes– he remembers!”       Now to a note on the clown, Don Cherry, and the rest of the seedy dressers that appear on television. When does Don get over his overly garish jackets and what’s with the rest of the motley  group? Someone needs to monitor the color-blind commentators and wherever did they get the four guys that sang the National Anthem? I thought we got over the Hippies!


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