Too Bad Losses – One Big Win by Momma Gouche

Although there is still a lot of hockey before the playoff contenders are in place, There are still a lot of teams hovering around the 32 mark and vieing for that eighth place position. My Jets are in the thick of it. Watching 4 hours of play Tuesday night and flipping channels, to see how the chips were falling, was quite an ordeal. The New York Rangers/New Jersey Devils game was tight to the end, but the Rangers hung on for my — hopeful — win. But the Florida Panthers / Carolina Hurricanes game took until the third period before there was any action. The Panthers got 4 goals and the Hurricanes only answered with 1. A big boost for the Jets, who need that first place in their division. Now to the Winnipeg Jets/Boston Bruins game. The Bruins’s  Brad Marchand scored 8 seconds into the second and there were no more goals until the second half of the third; when the Jets put on the burners and Evander Kane got 1 and Blake Wheeler got 2 — for the win. All in all — it was a great nail biter for Winnipeg and Momma Gouche. The Jets are in first place in their division.   However!    We take on the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday,  —- and needless to say — that will be a must win.


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