I had vowed (almost swore) that I would not be party to the money mongers that had deprived hockey fans of the first half of their  favorite winter entertainment; and then getting their act together with a mini series. My son, The Gouche, had rented me the wherewithal to get most of the games on television, but I still did not get enthused; until I heard that my Chicago Blackhawks were burning up the ice with 45 points in 21 games. A real shoo in to take it all. Added to that, the Toronto Maple Leafs are in fourth spot in their division, and are quite likely to make the playoffs after a long drought. My favorite Dustin Byfuglien pulled off a win for my hometown Winnipeg Jets, whom are in 9th spot, but not out of it. A few more wins and a little luck in losses to three of their close contenders could give them a spot. They have been playing well of late. All in all I am glad that I got over my snit and got back into the fray. One sour note is that the Hawks were rolled over to a 6-2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. Perhaps an eye opener to not get over-confident. Probably a good loss as I’m sure coach Joel Quenneville will have some good advice to hand out. All in all a good Friday night’s entertainment, that puts me back in the thick of the hockey season.


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