Pandora’s Box by Momma Gouche

While the Los Angeles Kings’ trail to The Stanley Cup will go down in hockey history as, perhaps, one of the most amazing fetes of NHL history; Steve Bernier’s 5 minute penalty in the first period on Monday night will haunt him for a lifetime. It was a hotheaded display of lack of discipline! The Kings scored three power play goals in the space of 4 minutes; which virtually ended the Devils’ chances of staying in the fray. Adam Henrique scored for the New Jersey Devils late in the second period, but with a 4-1 deficit going into the third … the hype of the Kings with The Cup in sight … the rest of the game was a no burner. Los Angeles got 2 more goals in the third and routed the Devils 6-1. Thus claiming The Stanley Cup and all the fanfare that goes with the victory. Some hockey fans claim that … but for the senseless penalty in the first … (and I somewhat agree) history could have shown a different scenario. The Devils had come back from a 3-0 deficit, to come within one of forcing a seventh game finale. But 70 years have past since the Toronto Maple Leafs accomplished this fete and it hasn’t been: “written in the stars” again so far. Both Martin Brodeur and Jonathon Quick played outstanding through the series, but Quick was chosen the most valuable player. Quick has many years ahead of him, but will the 40 year old Brodeur remain for another “crack at The Cup”? He has 3 … all in his 21 years with the New Jersey Devils.


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