The Way The Puck Bounces by Momma Gouche

The Philadelphia Flyers were in complete control Wednesday night in the beginning of their game against the New Jersey Devils. Maxime Talbot scored at 7:18 of the first period to give Philadelphia a 1-0 lead. But that is where their chance to stay in the running ended. Within three minutes … a bad bounce and a give away by goalie, Ilya Brzgalov … resulted in goals by Bryce Salvador and David Clarkson. The fist period ended 2-1 for New Jersey. There was no scoring in the second. The Flyers never recovered their momentum and the game … and the series … ended with a poweplay goal by the Devils’, Ilya Kovalchuk.      And now on to the only undecided series in the second round. If New York Rangers win tonight round two will be completed. As I picked the Washington Capitals to win this round and I feel for Joel Ward … who brought his team to this level. The abusive language used on Ward by the Boston fans and myself having called his penalty in game 5 … an act of aggression … needs to be answered. The fact that a high stick … intentional or not … is an automatic 4 minute penalty, that I was, unfortunatetly, not aware of. Ward is taking the Capitals loss to heart and … should the Capitals lose tonight … his penalty will long be remembered by him. The powerplay goal with 7 seconds left in regulation play and the 1 minute plus goal in overtime … certainly stunned the Washington advocates and … no doubt … the Philadelphia fans as well. Hopefuuly Joel will be able to put a mark on tonight’s game and redeem himself.     Momma Gouche now has 10 point and Gouche has 8. Even if the Rangers win tonight he will only have 9. Even if there is a seventh game … he still can’t beat me … as i would have 11 points to his 10. The novice bests the pro!


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