Momma Gouche Floundering

At the begining of the playoffs I had it all pickd as who was going to take the Stanley Cup and how the other teams would fair along the way. I chose the Pittsburgh Penguins to take the cup, but with a 3 and 0 it will take a miracle for this to come to fruition. Detroit was to take Nashville 4-3, but they are losing 2-1. Ottawa is suppose to have a rough time with New York, but come out with a 4-3 victory. They are even at 1-1, so anything can happen.I don’t think my prediction for Vancouver to win 4-3 will jell, as they are already down 3-0. I guess it might be a good time to change the goalie. Washington and Boston and San Jose and St Louis are still either one’s  claim. If my predition on Chicago and Phoenix is to hold any weight Chicago has to win the next three. Ditto for New Jersey agains Florida. All in all I haven’t faired too well, and as soon as weather permits these aging bones, it will be best if I hit the fairway and leave the preditions to the aficionados. 


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