Momma Gouche Picks Her Winners

Pittsburgh Penguins are my choice over the Philadelphia Flyers in the first round because I think that if Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are at their best, they will win 4-2. I choose the Detroit Red Wings over the Nashville Predators 4-3, but it won’t be easy. Ottawa Senators get my bid against the New York Ranger 4-3 because I Am CANADIAN. Vancouver (not because they are Canadian) 4-1 over the Los Ageles Kings if Roberto Luongo plays as well as he can.(forget about last years debacle).The Washington Capitals looked iffy at times, but came through when it was needed. It could be rough against the Bad Boys from Boston, but I pick the Caps 4-3…other than Bobby Orr … I have never liked the Boston Bruins. The San Jose Sharks should come through in the crunch with a 4-3 victory over the St. Louis Blues. Maybe just because I like the Sharks and …My Chicago Black Hawks … from way back in my childhood … have always been dear to me. But … sentiment  apart … the should come out 4-1 over the Phoenix Coyotes. The New Jersey Devils should best the Florida Panthers 4-1 if all goes their way. The Panthers did not impress me as winners, even though they did come on well in the middle of the bid for the playoffs. So! What do I know? At any given time a Dark HORSE can come out of the stable.


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