Leafs Blow Buffalos by Momma Gouche

Sounds like a bunch of “Sour Grapes”. Randy Carlyle won his first game on home ice last night, which the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t done since February 6th. I didn’t like the tone of the Star’s headline “Leafs Deal The Sabres A Major Blow” Sounds like “If I can’t have it, I hope you don’t”. The Leafs just “might have” spoiled the chances of the Buffalo Sabres making the playoffs. If the Sabres had won last night they would have had a good chance of catching the Washington Capitals for that last playoff spot. But the Caps came away with a point and now have a 2 point lead on Sabres (with 3 games left). The odds of the Winnipeg Jets still having a chance to get in the playoffs was “a wing and a prayer”. They would have to win and everyone else had to lose the last four games. Well, it is not happening and the Jets are off to the golf course. Admittedly the Sabres could have used the 2 points, but they are not … out of it yet! Now that my Jets are gone I am going to throw my hat in the ring for the Sabres. They just have to do a little more”Shuffling”. Good Luck Manitoba Buffalos… oops … Buffalo Sabres.


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