Canada And The Stanley Cup by Momma Gouche

” The time has come the walrus said, ….. ”  I am not an aficionado when it comes to strategy in the hockey world, but I was appalled that the  Vancouver Canucks left Roberto Luongo in the net in the Stanley Cup Playoff games in 2011, when he was obviously spooked by the TD Arena. I have never been spooked and do not believe in any such phenomenon. The Canucks had had a great season and it looked as though they were a shoein for the ultimate victory. I have  competed in many sports in my youth (albeit at a far lesser level) and the name of the game was win … regardless of venue. All one received was a red ribbon for their efforts. In the event that the Canucks reach this enviable heights this season, I hope that the strategists will opt for the good of the team, and not on past performances of any single player.   Well! … after venting my frustrated opinion. Now let’s look at the possible Canadian content for the playoffs. With Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg already eliminated and Ottawa on tenter hooks, it appears as though the Vanouver Canucks … again … will be our only hope. It could be 45 years in the making. Thus says the Guru?


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