Jets Need Boosters by Momma Gouche

Who would have thought that the Toronto Maple Leafs would hold back the Philadelphia Flyers to a 0-0 shootout. Toronto is now at 69-69, which is only 3 points behind the Jets. Much as we need the Washington Capitals to lose to Toronto today, it would bring Toronto within one point of the Jets.The Jets are encircled in a real conudrum; as Washington has surpassed them, Buffalo has tied them and the Leafs … if they beat Washington … are only one point behind them. It’s a real “catch twenty two”. Th Jet do not play until Wednesday against the Dallas Stars and Friday they meet their nemesis … the Washington Capitals. Who has to beat who to get the Jets into the playoofs? Of course the Jets have to win their next two games. You do the math, as I am having a hard time doing the equations.


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