Bombers Fall Short In Fourth by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers started the scoring Friday night with a field goal by Justin Palardy at 5:57 of the first Quarter. The Toronto Argonauts took over with a touchdown by Chad Rempel at 5:51 in the second; followed by a field goal by Noel Prefontaine and a touchdown by Jim Parker. Ken Johnson got a touchdown ar 11;11. Palardy got a field goal at 14:09 and the Half ended 24-6 for Toronto. Winnipeg’s Palardy got a field goal at 4:31 of the third quarter and Greg Carr pulled a 45 yard pass out of the air in the end zone for the Bombers (the play of the game) and the score is 24:16. Palardy gets another field goal at 14;48 of the third and 4:27 of the fourth and the score is 24-22 . Prefontaine gets a final field goal at 13:24 and the scoring ends at 27:22. Steven Jyles was injured with 9:03 remaining in the game, when he got hit helmet to helmet by Bomber’s John Sears. He was replaced by Dalton Bell. Some scrapping ensued and Sears and Argos Jason Pottenger were ejected from the game. Jyles did not appear to be hurt too badly.


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