Jets Break The Ice…by Momma Gouche

The Winnipeg Jets finally put their name on the charts on Monday night when they out-scored the Pittsburgh Penquins 2-1. It was not an outstanding win, but enough to give the Winnipeg fans something more to cheer about. Kyle Wellwood and Tanner Glass got the Jets 2 goals in the first period; which held good until 18:22 of the second: when Zbnek Michalek scored for the Penguins. There was no scoring in the third and the jets came out with their first win; after losing their first three games. The game was fraught with penalties; with a couple of fisticuffs thrown in.(no doubt these two glove to head incidences were lauded by those fans who are advocates of Don Cherry’s theory that fighting adds excitement to the game, and is therefore part of it). Tell that to the Association that is trying to minimize the concussions
that are putting many talented hockey players out of the game.


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