Too Soon To Call…by Momma Gouche

Everyone seems to be wanting to get on the bandwagon to be first to give their prediction on what team will win the Stanley Cup this season. I have been pressured, but I’m not ready to go out on the limb as yet. The Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks look promising, and with the superb goaltending of Carey Price the Montreal Canadiens could go far. The Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins cannot be left out of the mix.
Toronto Maple leafs could quite possibly make the play-offs this time round. If the Winnipeg Jets do nothing but prove they belong in the League, that will probably be enough for the Winnipeg fans. My wish is for the Cup to come this side of the border. I picked the Blackhawks early in the season when they won and I came close last year when I picked the Vancouver Canucks. I blame the pig-headed management that didn’t foresee that they were not going to make it with Robert Luongo. They could have, a least, given a backup goalie a try. I will give it a little more time to assess the strengths of the teams, before I make My Call.


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