the Price WAS Right…by Momma Gouche

Even though the name “Winnipeg Jets” did not return from Phoenix, theWinnipeg fans were wholly enraptured by the fact that NHL hockey had returned after a 15 year absence via Atlanta. The arena and convention centre were packed to the rafters with exuberant supporters. The Jets out-shot the Canadiens 29-22; but for the tremendous skills of goaltender, Carey Price, the outcome might have been somewhat different.
Winnipeg did not play that badly. On that point Don Cherry and I agree … for once. Dustin Byfuglien …. already much-loved by the Winnipeg fans … did not play his usual exciting game. The fans did not seem to take umbrage to the extent of the 5-1 loss; as they were still in a state of euphoria over the final return of an NHL franchise. It will take a few more games to determine if the jets’ owners have backed a good horse. One does not expect them to burn up the series, but only show that they belong in the league. The Jets come to
Toronto on the 19 of October and I will be there to view my Jets for the first time in many years.


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