Boston Bruins Capture The Coveted Cup by Momma Gouche

Do statistics call the shots and is the first goal the nemesis that defeats the opposition? The Stanley Cup is not won on home ice. (I am not a totally a believer in the home ice factor) The first goal determines who will win. Seems like these portents came true. Canada’s eighteen year drought continues and Boston has won their first cup in 39 years. Rookie Brad Marchand (who I considered to be a goon) rules the day with 2 goals and an assist. Patrice Bergeron gets 2 goals. (one short-handed) As in-game six, Vancouver started out with confidence and control, and played some pretty solid hockey … until the nemesis went in the net at 14:37. That seem to be the catalyst that stemmed the change in the Canucks manner of play.The game was virtually over by the end of the second period. Tim Thomas skillfully thwarted off 39 shots and deservedly claimed the Conn Smythe Trophy. 100,000 fans cheered outside the arena for their beloved Canucks, Many had come a long distance. I believe I saw a sign that read someone had bicycled from Winnipeg. Hard to believe! You couldn’t make it in two days. There are host of staunch fans that cannot believe that this really happened.


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