Yanks’ A-Rod gets plunked against Indians

Another chapter was added on to the growing hatred being felt between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees. Less than 24 hours after Indinas starter, Fausto Carmona, plunked Yanks’ first baseman, Mark Teixeira, the two teams were verbally at it again. The fireworks in a game, that the Yankees won 4-0, occurred in the sixth inning, when their third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, was hit by a pitch squarely in the left quadricep. Indians’ pitcher, Mitch Talbot, who earlier surrendered a homerun to Rodriguez, was ejected from the game, which his manager, Manny Acta, strongly disputed. “I was very surprised by the ejection,” Acta said. “I mean, it was raining out there. You can probably ask both teams, but only one person in this park felt that it was on purpose. It was really baffling to me.” That one person Acta was referring to was home plate umpire, Dan Iassogna, who saw things differently than Acta. “After the situation we had (Friday), and Alex hit a big home run (Friday) and hit another home run (Saturday), and Curtis Granderson hit a home run (Friday) and another one (Saturday), he, (Talbot) threw the pitch directly at (Rodriguez),” Iassogna said. “His defense was that he didn’t hit him intentionally.” Meanwhile Girardi, who had to be seperated from Acta on Monday night after Teixeira was hit,  is upset about his players being hit a combined eight times in their last five games. “Our guys get hit too much,” Girardi said. “And we’re a club that hits home runs. People don’t necessarily like that, but I’ve always said … a run’s a run.” New York, who leads the majors with 95 homeruns, got homeruns from Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Teixeira.


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