Is A Bruising Brew’n in Boston…by Momma Gouche

Unfortunately the Vancouver Canucks took three penalty (plus one coincidental), but fortuneatly Roberto Luongo and the penalty killing unit were in sync, and the Canucks came away unscathed.They were outshot 12-6, but Luongo looked very steady. Brad Marchand was up to his usual intimidating tatics, but he didn’t get any takers. The period was the same fast pace as the first and the shots were 39 and six power plays, but there was still no score at end of the second. The fast pace continued in the third period and finally maxim Lapierre scored for Vancouver at 4:35. The Canucks did a great job in clearing the puck from the front of the net and their zone. Boston came on like gang busters, But somehow Vancouver warded them off. With two minutes left it was time for all Canucks’ fans to hold their breath. I’m sure all we Canadian fans didn’t let out our breath till zero time.The teams were fairly evenly matched and I can’t believe that home ice makes such a vast difference. I played in many venues in my youth, in many different locations, and I could have cared less where I was. The name of the game was winning.( Admitably the stakes weren’t so high). Now all The Canucks have to do is face that terrible demon … the away ice … and kill the albatross.

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