Red Sox Ortiz has message for Yanks skip Girardi


Another chapter was written on Wednesday night in what is becoming a growing feud between Boston Red Sox designated hitter, David Ortiz, and  New York Yankees manager, Joe Girardi. Perhaps out of pure frustration, on Tuesday night, at seeing his team getting beaten, Girardi took offence and spoke out about what he thought was showboating, when Ortiz flipped his bat after connecting for a homerun against rookie, Hector Noesi. Ortiz, who on Wednesday hit another homerun against the Yankees, carefully sat his bat down on the ground before breaking into his homerun trot. Apparently he deliberately avoided flipping the bat because he didn’t want to be the center of attention. “I don’t want to have you guys asking me the same questions. I got almost 370 bombs in the big leagues and everybody wants to make a big deal because I bat-flip one of them. (Expletive) that (expletive), man,” a very animated, who hit the first inning homerun against A.J. Burnett, said. ” If I have to make that video on my (expletive), let’s see how many bat flips I got on this (expletive). Good night.” Over his career the man, known as “Big Pappi”, has done well against the Yankees in hitting 34 against them in his career and five in the post season. Ortiz had a message for Girardi to take it like a man. “I mean, it’s not my first time, it’s not going to be my last time,” Ortiz said of the way he airmailed his bat. “Big deal. I enjoy the game. I’m a home run hitter. It’s not like I do it all the time. It’s part of the excitement, you know what I mean? What can I tell you?”


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