Bruins Roust Canucks by Momma Gouche

At 5:07 of the third game between the Vancouver Canucks/Boston Bruins, Aaron Rome put a knockout hit on Nathan Horton; which saw Horton taken from the ice by stretcher. From then on the game was all downhill for the Canucks. Boston tallied four goals in the second period and the game was virtually out of sight.It matters not how many goals Vancouver lost by. (a loss is a loss) Boston took over and so did the penalties. There were 20 penalties in the third period, with Boston taking 11 of them.There were several ejections from the game, including Ryan Kesler. Kesler the ever dependable finesse player, who always came through in the clinch, Perhaps he was put off his stride when he faux pased, causing Boston’s second goal.He got in the mix of things and finally was ejected from the game at 11:16 (along with several other players). In a rough, tough and nasty game the third period was all Boston and they kept on scoring. Vancouver’s Janik Hansen had manage a goal at 13:53 of the third, but against the 5 goals for Boston … it was a drop in the bucket. Perhaps it would have been wise to give Roberto Luongo a rest after the fourth goal, in order for him to get psyched up for the next game. (if he is to play) Vancouver is going to have to forget this debacle and ready themselves for the next game … in Boston. Even for the winners … this was not a game that ardent hockey fans would find enjoyable.


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