MLB hall of famer Gary Carter ready for fight of his life


Former major league baseball player, Gary Carter is, according to daughter Kimmy Bloemers, in excellent spirits and is feeling very optimistic as he prepares for what will be the hardest challenge of his life. Carter, who stared for the Montreal Expos, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, in what was a 19 year career, will be undergoing cancer treatments starting on Monday. According to doctors Carter, who is only 57 years of age, has a kind of cancer called glioblastoma, which affects the brain and nervous system. “Doctor said they are going after these tumors aggressively. … Dad is ready to battle,” Bloemers said. Even though doctors admitted that surgery wasn’t the best option for Carter, he is still his optimistic self.  “He sounds like a completely different person. He is in fantastic spirits,”  Bloemers said. After suffering headaches and bouts of forgetfulness Carter went to the doctors and had an MRI, where it was revealled on May 21 that the player, known as “The kid” , had four small tumours on his brain. After several attempts Carter was enshrined into Cooperstown in 2003 on the strength of 324 homeruns, 1,225 RBI’s and a .262 average, in what was ann illusterous career. would like to take this time and send out their best wishes to Carter  for a speedy recovery.


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