Canucks In The Final For The First Time Since 94

      A Whale Of  A Wait          by Momma Gouche          It has been a long wait for a Canadian team to reach the ultimate series, with the dream of claiming the Stanley Cup…It was Vancouver’s hope in 1994 to prevail … but no such prize. So here they are again! The Montreal Canadiens were the last Canadian team to reach that pinnacle  in 1992. So this has … as I have said … been a whale of a wait. The Canucks have proven one thing for sure … Vancouver is ready to rise to the occasion. Now to the game highlights…The San Jose Sharks came out with a bite. Roberto Luongo had to show his muster in the first 2 minutes as 5 shots were drilled at him. Not to be daunted by this feisty start, Vancouver’s Alex Burrows dumped the puck past Antti Niemi at 8:02 to put the Canucks in the lead, 1-0. The Canuck’s defense served the team proud, when Sedin visited the penalty box at 14:03 and Kesler followed close behind at 14:39. The defense prevailed on this 5 on 3, in not letting San Jose’s offense get through. At the end of the first period Vancouver was ahead 1-0.  Luongo must be commended for his stalwart efforts as he faced 15 shots. San Jose’s Dan Boyle scored on a power play at 9:57 0f the second to put the Sharks on the scoreboard. Vancouver dominated the play in the second period, regularly clearing their end. But the game really stalled until the first minute of play in the  third, when Devin Setoguchi got loose and dropped one in the net at 0:24. But Ryan Kesler (our Hero), who was obviously struggling from an injury he had suffered earlier, came through for the Canucks with 14 seconds left in the game. What an effort by an extremely talented player. And so on to overtime and another chance to earn a berth in the ultimate reach for the Cup. The crowd was out of control. The first round of overtime, although intense both offensively and defensively, drew a zero balance…Moving into the 2nd round of O/T, there were no penalties and Vancouver fans roared when Bierska scored with a wicked slapshot at 10:18. As the series continues with Boston and Tampa Bay, Vancouver will have to wait to see who their for their opponent will be in the final game … to determine who will claim…The Stanley Cup…Good Luck Canada!!!!!!!!


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