Yanks’ Rodriguez to get his ailling hip checked out


Perhaps trying to protect one of their biggest assets the New York Yankees have approached third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, about getting his once ailling hip checked out by the doctors. Rodriguez, who was in a two weeks slump before belting two homeruns on Tuesday, just wants to make sure, along with the team,  that everything is still holding up from the past surgery and problems he had with it back in 2009. “I think you just want to make sure he’s OK,” Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, said. “Alex talked about wanting to be proactive and making sure everything is OK. He said he doesn’t necessarily feel anything, so from our standpoint, you’re not worried about it. He’s had checkups before. We thought he’s moved a lot better this year. We just want to get it checked.” Actually, prior to Tuesday’s big game, it was New York’s hitting coach, Kevin Long, who made the suggestion to Rodriguez about having the hip checked out. Part of the reason might have been that in his previous 21 games, leading up to Tuesday, Rodriguez was hitting only .171 with one homerun and six RBI’s. According to the team he wasn’t using his upper body when swinging.  In 2009 after he had hip surgery Rodriguez, who is the Yankees cleanup hitter,  missed the first five weeks of the season. For the season Rodriguez is hitting .250 with eight homeruns and 24 RBI’s.


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