Posada’s tenure in pinstripes could be coming to an end


Jorge Posada’s long illusterous career with the New York Yankees is apparently in danger  of coming to an end. This 18 year veteran, who has four World Series rings on his resume, wasn’t in the starting lineup on Wednesday for the third consecutive time against a left hander. There have been various reports that the team’s front office is growing frustrated with Posada’s lack of production and are talking about possibly releasing him by the all-star break. Currently Posada, who is now the part time designated hitter, is hitting only .179 with six homeruns and 15 RBI’s. Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, didn’t say that Posada would never DH against lefties. Still, on Wednesday against the Baltimore Oriole’s, Zach Britton, it was Derek Jeter who was penciled into the DH position.  “I have to do this day by day,” Girardi said in regards to deciding whether Posada would be in the lineup as the designated hitter.  “Jorge’s been our DH and he is our DH.” At the all-star break the Yankees can either trade, release or stick by him. Not everyone in the organization believes he is through as one insider said “When it comes to Posada, I think he’s going to be better.”  Currently the 39 year-old is making 13 million and will be owed only six million if the Yankees do decide to release him. Posada, who is 0-24 as a right handed batter, will more than likely still be with the team when his good friend and long time teammate, Derek Jeter, bangs out his 3,000 career hit. Currently Jeter is only 34 hits away.


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