Could Yanks’ Posada be close to retirement?


In my humble opinion the saddest thing in sports is witnessing the downfall of great athletes who are holding on too long. I’ve seen this with Minnesota Viking’s quarterback, Brett Favre, former NHL defenceman, Chris Chelios, and now New York Yankees’ designated hitter, Jorge Posada. Prior to becoming a full time designated hitter Posada, who is now 39, was an all-star catcher who swung a dangerous bat. This season Posada entered Saturday’s game against the Boston Red Sox hitting an embarrassing .165 with six homeruns and 15 RBI’s. It’s quite obvious that Posada, who wasn’t totally on board in spring training about becoming a full time DH, is slowly getting frustrated about what’s going on. On Saturday, prior to their game, Posada visited with manager, Joe Girardi, and according to GM, Brian Cashman, wanted himself removed from the lineup. No decisions have been made or announced regarding if Posada will be suspended or fined. Apparently, according to multiple sources, Posada was upset and felt disrespected about being bumped to number nine in the batting order. No indications have been made about whether Posada will play on Sunday. The club is currently talking about docking Posada one day’s pay, which would cost him $71, 978 of his $13.1 million dollar contract. After the game the Yankees were in negotiations with the commissioner’s office in deciding what to do with Posada, especially if he refuses to play on Sunday, which could then land him on the restricted list. The last time Posada hit in the ninth spot was back on May 14, 1999 when he went hittless in four at bats against the Chicago White Sox. “I’ve put myself in this spot,” Posada said. “It is not like I want to hit ninth. It is not like I want to hit a hundred — and whatever I’m hitting .. it’s just a matter of really coming out of it.” It’s no secret that the Yankees, as an organization, aren’t sure what to do if Posada continues to struggle. “We’re hoping he gets going and we don’t have to cross that bridge,” Girardi said. A sad situation for the former all-star who enjoyed a number of great years for the Yankees.


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