A Comedy Of Flukes And Ifs by Momma Gouche

When the Vancouver Canucks stepped out on the ice Saturday night for the first three minutes they looked like they couldn’t lose. A penalty call on Nashville and the shorthanded goal by Serge Legward at 3:42 I still can’t comprehend, Raffi Torres put things back in order at 5:59 (his first point) and my concerns for my Canucks was over. Ryan Kesler got another one of his beautiful goals at 15:17 and nearly scored again seconds later.Vancouver was up 2-1.The Canucks outshot the Predators 11-4 in the first and Legward got his goal on the first shot on Roberto Luongo. A flukey goal by Legward (his second goal) winds up behind Luongo and the score  is 2-2. It had been a strange two periods and I questioned whether Nashville got lucky or it was a jinx on Vancouver. Nashville’s Joel Ward scored at  1:14 and 5:45 and the Predators are ahead 4-2.Ryan Kesler score again at 16:14 and the score is 4-3 where it ends. The Canucks put up a valiant effort in the dying second and Kesler (never to give up) almost scores again.But Vanouver did not look like the team that step out on the ice and played the first three minutes like they couldn’t lose. I don’t often criticize the refereeing but one referee stood by while Kesler was attacked and knocked down and another didn’t call a Predator for boarding on an icing call. Let’s read over the manuals.   So it is back to Nashville for the sixth game.

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