The Fate Of Our Canadian Teams By Momma Gouche

 All bets are off as to the fate of our two Canadian teams. I am still in shock. Has Roberto Luongo got nothing left, or can he pump some more adrenaline into his limbs and come up with some of the brilliant moves he has executed in the first three games of the series. It is for sure that the Vancouver Canucks will give it all they have got next game, but will it be enough? This one will be a cliff hanger if there is not to be a seventh game. Are the Chicago Blackhawks that good or have they just had their moments of greatness? They lucked into the play-offs and Vancouver bested every team in the league. They preformed extremely well on the road in the past and maybe that will be their forte and the Hawks will be too confident. As to the Montreal Canadiens and Carey Price. Carey made some spectacular saves in Thursday night’s game, but he is going to need more defensive play in front of him if the team expects him to hold off the Bruins. With the stellar performances he has made in the past it will be a shame if he does not come up with the goalie of the series. The Canadiens have got to be hungry enough to win.


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