Bruins’ Ference gives Montreal fans a one finger salute


 Boston Bruins defenceman, Brad Ference, insists that he was just caught up in the emotion and didn’t realize what he did, after scoring a second period goal in Game 4 overtime victory against the Montreal Canadiens. Ference, who only scored three goals this season, was so pumped up after executing that, that he did the …unthinkable … which was raising his gloved hand in the air and waiving it to the Bell Centre fans, with his middle finger sticking out. Ference, who is coming off a solid season, that saw him score 15 points and a +22, insisted, afterwards, that he didnt’t mean to do what he did and that he loves Montreal and their fans. “I just saw it, and I know it looks really bad, but I can assure you that is not part of who I am,” said Ference, whose goal narrowed Boston’s deficit at the time to 3-2. “That is not part of my repertoire. My glove got caught up there.” Even though Ference is known as a stand up guy around the league, there is a good chance that the 10 year veteran will get either suspended or fined. While Canadiens coach, Jacques Martin, had no comment on the action, the same couldn’t be said for Bruins’ coach, Claude Julien.”That’s not Andrew at all. I’m shocked,” Julien said. “That’s not his style at all.” Meanwhile the Bruins, who finished third in the Eastern Conference with 103 points, erased three Montreal leads in winning Game 4 by 5-4 in overtime. In the process, evening up their best of seven Quarterfinal Playoff series.


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