Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks 3rd Encounter

A fast moving game right from the drop of the puck. At 6:54 The Hawks’ Duncan Keith opened the scoring on a power play. The first game that Chicago had the opening goal. The Hawks had a 5-3 at 10:55,  which luckily didn’t do any damaged to the Canucks. Chicago had had the better part of the play in the first as Vancouver had taken 3 penalties in 4 minutes. Loungo had had a lot of action on him. The Hawks looked pretty impressive in the first. In the second vancouver managed to stay short on penalties after having taken the only four in the first.The Canucks had a power play goal by Chris Ehrhoff at 10:03 and another goal from Daniel Sdin at 12:40, tying the score at 2; which it remained for the resr of the period. Vancouver continued to take too many penalties, as they at 6 at the 3:39 mark of the third. However, the Canucks went ahead 3-2 on a goal from Michael Samuelson at 6:48, which ended the scoring and Vancouver goes ahead 3-0 in the series. Luongo had only allowed one power play goal. Momma Gouche has predicted that Vancouver will take the series in four straight. I had some moments on Sunday, when the Canucks took all those penalties, but now I only have one more game to go. WISH ME LUCK.


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