A MATTER OF ENNUI by Momma Gouche

 It is difficult to fathom that the Stanley Cup play-offs could produce two such lackluster performances in one Thursday evening. When Montreal Canadiens’, Brian Gionta, snapped a shot past Tim Thomas at 2:44 of the first it looked like there would be a very exciting game to follow. The Boston Bruins came out throwing their bodies around, but that is about all they mustered up.They gave Price Carey nothing to (stand on his head about.) They did put on some pressure in the third, But with 18 shots, in one period, they wound up emptyhanded. With 3:15 left in the game Brian Gionta scored again (only his second goals in his play-off career.) The Canadiens won the game 2 to zip. Who would have thought that the team that has been known as the toughest in the league (forever) would concede so humbly. So, now, on to the next lackluster perfomance.There was lots of skating up and down the ice in the Los Angeles/San Jose debacle, in the making, on Thursday night,with ten shots from each team. Nothing that Serge Bobrovsky and Raymond Miller couldn’t handle.The Flyers put on a big rush around the net late in the game, but Miller stood his ground. With 5:56 left, Patrick Kaleta put a wrist shot past Brobrovsky (his second play-off goal), and the Sabres took a 1-0 lead: which proved to be the winner. The tough guys had been vanquished! and no one was more surprised than Momma Gouche.


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