The opening round of the Stanley Cup play-offs wound up roughly as I had anticipated. However, I thought that the Vancouver Canucks would have walked away with their game, as Roberto Luongo put on a … show of shows … (literally standing on his head.) But one cannot overlook the solid  play of the Chicago Blackhawks’ goalie, Corey Crawford. The Washington Capitals’ game was in doubt until the dying minutes of overtime, when Alexander Semin put an end to the impending double overtime. I had expected a more aggresive play from the Capitals. The Tampa Bay/Pittsburgh Penguins game ended with a score that somewhat surprised me. With the lack of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, I would have thought the Penguins would have a tougher row to hoe. Anaheim Ducks lost home ice advantage with a 4-1 loss to a very well coached Nashville Predator team. Dan Ellis just could not get the job done and Mike Fisher paid dividends for the Preds, as he counted in on three of the four goals. As for the Phoenix Coyotes’/Detroit Red Wings’ game … Detroit had it all the way. As a final note … it has been heavily rumored that the Phoenix Coyotes will be returning to Winnipeg … where they belong. If they do not return as THE JETS, I am sure there will be a huge outcry from The Winnipeg Loyals.


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