Momma Gouche Predicts

BACK DOOR VERSUS THE FRONT RUNNERS                    So … my favorite U.S.A team … the Chicago Blackhawks  … managed to sneak into the play-offs by the loss of Dallas Stars to Minnesota Wild (Irony). And who would have predicted that Vancouver Canucks would have dominated the Western Division? Having predicted adamantly that Washington Capitals would take home the Cup, I am now having to give it some second thoughts. Washington will be … out for bear … and if they keep their cool … should take New York Rangers quite handily. (No comment on how many games it wiil take.) But as to what will transpire through the rest of the series I am only able to think that Vancouver will take the first round against Chicago in four, and that the final series will be Washington and Vancouver. Being a staunch Canadian … and looking at the stellar perfomance that Luongo has put up … I am inclined to think the Canucks will prevail. Thus negates my prediction at the opening of the season. I’ve been wrong before and … no doubt … I will be wrong again. GOOD LUCK Vancouver from Momma Gouche.


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