Bruins’ Recchi fires shot at Habs’ Pacioretty

Thursday night’s grudge match between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins promises to be a definite must see among hockey fans. Part of the reason is due to the controversial remarks that veteran Bruins’ forward, Mark Recchi, made on Wednesday, in a radio interview, regarding Canadien’s forward Max Pacioretty injuries on March 8th in the the game against the Bruins. Pacioretty sustained a concussion and a cracked vertabra in his neck. Recchi, who has never been one to cause controversey, suggested on Wednesday afternoon, on a radio show, that the injury, which was caused on a hit from Bruins’ defenceman, Zdeno Chara, was embelished. “Well, I mean, he does have a fractured vertebra, but the concussion was really a non-factor, said Recchi, who has 13 goals and 45 points on the season. “Maybe for a day he felt it and then he was fine a couple days later. I believe … yeah … they were trying to get Zdeno suspended, and they embellished it a little bit. I guess in terms of that side, you have to look at it and I guess they were trying to do what they could to get him suspended.” While Canadiens’ defenceman, Hall Gill, and coach, Jacques Martin, didn’t have much to say about it, the same can’t be said for Habs’ defenceman, Paul Mara. “We heard those comments yesterday,” Montreal Mara said. “A player with a broken vertebra and has been knocked out on the ice for 3 or 4 minutes. How do you question the integrity of a hockey team, and that we’re embellishing it? It is really questionable coming from a guy who’s 42 and has been around the league for so long. He’s entitled to his opinion and we’re entitled to ours, but in Montreal we really know the truth.”


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