Action Now, Not Words on Violent Hockey by Ian Cobb

I spoke with OHL coaches and many others this morning. They agree that the Max hit was intentional. But they also said a few more things that make so much sense. We have to act now.

The speed of the game today, with all the changes, is making for a more deadly and higher serious result because of … 1: no red line now, 2: the obstruction rule … allowing for no slowing down of the play. 3: And, most importantly, the body amour worn on the shoulders and elbows that are lethal.

There is no fear for the player laying on the hit today. He will not be hurt like in the years of softer equipment worn. With the softer equipment, the hitting player had as much chance of getting hurt as the recipient of his hit.

Can you imagine getting a Gordie Howe elbow wearing this kind of armour? The hospital beds would be full.

It is all very well and good for the NHL to try to put a better finesse hockey product on the ice. I support that … but with what consequences to brain cells and bones? They now have to find a way to put the genie back in the bottle, before more of our kids are brain damaged and broken for life.

Money and greed are dictating the rules, instead of a competent, dedicated and caring group, who will look out for the best interests of our kids and our game.

Action must be taken right now! If not by the NHL, then by the government and the courts. Every day wasted talking will cause more of our kids bodies a life time of pain, suffering … and even death.

Ian Cobb

click onto this link and scroll down to the English video—The french text, click onto your translate button on google for the english.


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