Bo Sox Beckett suffering concussion

That ugly word concussion was being used to describe the nature of John Beckett’s injury on Monday during batting practice at City of Palms Park, in Fort Myers Florida. Beckett, who is a valuable Boston Red Sox starting pitcher, was apparently nailed in the back of the head by a line drive during Red Sox batting practice, prior to their game against the Minnesota Twins. The good news for Red Sox fans and management alike was that Beckett, who went 6-6 with a 5.78 ERA in an injury plagued season, was alert and able to walk off the field. Boston was being very cautious with Beckett by sending him home to rest after being checked out by the team doctors. “He’s exhibiting symptoms of a mild concussion,” manager,Terry Francona, said after Boston’s 7-5 win. “He’s been evaluated already. We’ll get someone to look at him tonight, and when he comes in tomorrow, we’ll check on him to see what level, if any, of a workout he can do, or should do. So .. go from there.” The injury occurred when Beckett, who is a former 1999 Florida Marlins first round draft pick, was standing in the outfield when he was clocked by a line drive hit by coach Ino Guerrero who, using a fungo bat. was trying to hit a ball back to the infield. “I think it hit him in the temple,” Francona said. “I bet you it felt like a bolt of lightning. That’s not really what you’re expecting. It’s just a fluke thing. Fortunately, it hit Beckett in the head. It’s better than hitting him in the shoulder’. Beckett, who has a 112-74 career record, was scheduled to pitch next Thursday at Fort Myers, against the Philadelphia Phillies.


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