Kessel Chosen Last at All-Star Fantasy Player Draft

Toronto Maple Leafs’ lone All-Star representative, Phil Kessel, insists that he just wants to have fun during All-Star Weekend and that it didn’t bother him in the least to have been the last player picked. When Carolina Hurricanes’ Eric Staal picked Paul Stastny with the second last pick on Friday, it meant that Kessel was rewarded with a car for being the final pick. “They were all just excited about the car,” said Kessel in reference to his Leaf teammates who were texting him and giving him the business about being the last pick. “They’re all on trips and stuff. I was supposed to go with a bunch of guys on vacation. They’re all happy for me. We’ve got a great team in Toronto.” Stastny, who plays for the Colorado Avalanche, admitted that when it came down to only five or six players waiting to be drafted, there was no tension about being the last pick. “I think we all were hoping one of us would go last so we’d get that car,” Stastny said. “It was fun the way they did it and it was good to be part of.” Besides a car Kessel, who has 19 goals and 34 points, also received $20,000 to be donated to the charity of his choice. Kessel, who had and beat testicular cancer in 2006, decided to have that money go towards a cancer charity.


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